Penny Dreadfuls Issue Nine: Drunk

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The wine bottle on the floor was empty, but the one in her hand was almost empty. She had forgone a glass as it would just be in the way. The pendant sat on the table, just taunting her. She wanted to hate it, but there was so much history behind it. The letters Amelia had sent to Lilith all those years ago were scattered on the floor around the couch.

They had loved one another, but there were no outright mentions of exorcisms. There were only hints. She sat up and grabbed her phone on the table. There had to be something left behind in the rest of the woman’s things. Etta groaned and tossed her phone onto the couch next to Elliott. She was grasping at straws now.

Elliott stretched out his front legs and just stared at her.

“This is one of the times when I wish you could talk.”

“Would that help?”

Etta tumbled off the couch and gripped the empty wine bottle. There was a man standing

at the end of her couch next to the doorway to the kitchen. She pointed the end of the bottle at him.

“Who the hell are you?”

The man smirked at her. “Someone like your precious Lilith with a bit more of influence. Dealing with demons is a sin, did you know that?”

“And why the fuck should I care what you say?”

Etta stumbled back as the man suddenly appeared in front of her and gripped her waist tightly in his hand. “We care about your eternal soul. One with a soul as pure as yours needs to be protected.”

She rolled her eyes and smacked the man upside the head with the glass bottle. It didn’t break which she was slightly upset about, but the man did release her. Etta grinned at him and waved the bottle in front of her face.

“I ain’t some damsel in distress mister.”

The man’s smirk faded and he stood up straight. “You’re right.” He waved his hand and a card appeared between his forefinger and middle finger. “Give me a call when you’re tired of being led around like a dog by a demon.”

Etta squinted as the man vanished and the card appeared on the coffee table. She tossed the bottle onto the couch and glared at Elliott.

“And where the fuck were you at man?” she asked the cat.

Elliott meowed and just looked up at her innocently. Etta rolled her eyes and dropped the bottle onto the table. She flopped sideways onto the couch and groaned into her pillow. There was too much liquor coursing through her to even attempt to figure out what just happened. Elliott nibbled on her socked big toe and she ignored him before falling fast asleep.


Alcohol while writing

I have decided to try some new alcohol while writing as I prefer to write with an elevated blood alcohol level.

This is a sparkling sake wine. Never heard of it before in my life. Found it at Meijer and it was cheap so I’m giving it a shot.

First things first it doesn’t really smell which is odd to me. It has a strong taste when you first taste it, but then it mellows out.

I’m not some fancy person that’s going to go in depth about the taste of alcohol. My normal choices are wine and cider.

But, so far it’s nice to sip while writing. It doesn’t have a horrid after taste so I can focus on my words. Its only 4% alcohol so it won’t get me drunk or even buzzed, but I wouldn’t mind buying more of it for NaNoWriMo.

Ohio Renaissance Festival Trip #2


I went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival again thanks to free tickets that I had won at a steampunk event. This time around I was prepared for the day ahead of me and not just because I had picked a day where there would be no sun and it would be cool. There was no large group of people, just me, Jeremy, and a friend named Jimmy.

We arrived earlier this time due to Tasha wanting us to participate in a dance. I should note that I suck at dancing, but agreed to because it was Tasha asking and I can’t say no to her. So, Jimmy and I arrived in full costume this time. He was dressed in traditional Scottish wear and I had decided to become a forest fairy for the day.

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The Critics


At this time they should be properly introduced as I have mentioned them far too many times without providing a reference point. My two critics who hardly ever voice a complaint are Cierra and Etta.

Cierra, the ever noble and loyal 10 year old prefers to perch in my lap while I regale her with my tales. Normally she just sits there and enjoys the time. Never once has she voiced a complaint.

I think she just enjoys the warmth.

While Etta, the energetic and slightly crazy one year old bounds around the room at high speed. Only when it’s time for bed does she calm down and curls against my thigh to listen to me talk about what I’m writing. She doesn’t voice a complaint either, but I will occasionally hear her purr in contentment.

Whether or not they provide useful critique does not matter to me. What matters is that they keep me company. They stare at me when I ask them a question I know they can’t answer and somehow I still figure it out.

Ohio Renaissance Festival Trip #1


The Ohio Renaissance Festival is a large event hosted every weekend from September 1st to October 28th this year. I had never been to one before then. I had been invited as it was an annual thing for the group of people I had integrated myself with. Including a couple of them actually participating in the festival as volunteer cast members, including my favorite Tasha.

The group car pooled to the Festival on Labor Day as it was the only time it was open on Monday. Seemed like it would be the perfect day until I stepped out of the car and about gagged from the humidity. The sun beating down directly on my fragile pasty white skin was not helping.

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Let’s Watch: Supernatural


Odd thing to watch at the moment considering it was one of the shows that I stopped watching after a certain season. Figured it would be the best thing for me to watch for my new experiment ‘Let’s Watch’.  Tasha is even watching it as well though, her reactions to it are slightly different than mine.

Our reasons for not watching it anymore are vastly different. For Tasha she simply didn’t have the time. As for me, well, I ended up having a huge conniption fit after season 8. Season 8 finale had all the angels in heaven being cast down to Earth. Myself and a friend had watched the series religiously up until this point. We then called the ending before the season even started and when it happened I threw up my hands and stopped watching the show.

Rather silly reason to stop watching the show, but I had gotten bored with the predictability that the show relies on. Now, I still love the show from season 1-5. Those are my favorite seasons with what I believe to be the greatest episodes. I have the Team Free Will pop vinyls and even a model of the Impala. As I type this I’m even wearing a Hunter’s Checklist tank top. Their actors are adorable as well. I’ve participated in GISHWHES (now called Gish) that Misha Collins (who plays Castiel) and that I fully understand Jared Padalecki’s fight with depression.

I believe that at a certain point the show’s writers failed the actors. They failed by not giving them the chance to fully prove and expand upon the characters more than they already had. Apparently some things have changed since I stopped watching and things seem to have improved, including bringing back one of my favorite characters. Plus, the rather dorky Scoobynatural episode that I had to watch. That episode is what prompted the return to the early seasons.

So, now my cats sit next to me while I giggle about how adorable the boys look in the early seasons. They don’t care about the show and just listen to my babble about certain things within the episodes. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about my opinions for shows besides Tasha.

Stay tuned for my next segment of Let’s Watch where I discuss season one of Supernatural with Tasha. We won’t just be talking about how cute they are either. The topics will range from the monsters they battle to the progression of Sam and Dean’s characters.

Unto the pile

Today at 3 am marked the death of the first moleskine in my collection of notebooks. It has proved to be a valuable asset in my life. Most of the notebooks I used were tiny little things that ended up being easily torn to shreds. I have a small plastic box filled to the brim with flip notebooks that I would always carry around in my pocket at my job.

Now, I have several notebooks that I have amassed that work well with my fountain pens. Soft, luscious paper that allows my pens to glide across it. Sadly there’s no more paper in this notebook for me to write on. I’ve used it all for various reasons with a couple of pages even used for job hunting.

I feel bad for being excited about going on to my next notebook, but I know that this once well loved notebook will be put in a place of honor on my desk for easy access. There are way too many ideas in this thing to just stash it away somewhere.

Let’s Watch

This is a new entry I’m doing where I decide to rewatch something I haven’t seen in a while (or maybe even something new). I go into the details of why I haven’t watched them, why I decided to, and what has changed in my opinion from then to now. There are plenty of shows that I gave up on watching simply for the fact that I was bored with it or it made me mad.

I’m going to explore series progression and even talk about progression of writing or even if it does progress. Some I will be watching with my ever faithful sidekick Tasha and have her opinions on the shows as well.

This is going to just be a little experiment. Maybe it will be humorous to everyone.

Porter Books and Bread Review

Porter Books and Bread

5719 Lawton Loop E Dr, Suite 01

Indianapolis, IN 46216


Tasha is the name of my good friend and finding hole in the wall places is something that we greatly enjoy. Recently the two of us traveled back to Indiana to visit family so we decided to meet up and go somewhere neither of us had been. It took several hours to find a place that we both agreed upon as neither of us really wanted to deal with a busy crowd.

So, we settled on Porter Books and Bread. They have a beautiful website and both of us set off to meet up at this place. Now, I haven’t lived in Indiana for a year and her for longer so it was no surprise that both of us had difficulties getting to the location. What was surprising was how difficult it was to find it period. The GPS got me to the correct area, but there was no sign anywhere in regards to where it was in the building or even if I was in the right area. I had to guess on where to turn. Continue reading